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Google “Life Coach” and you will get 128,000,000 entries. There is a life coach for every niche you can conjure up. Clearly as a society we are clamoring for guidance and something more.  What these life coaches have in common is a phrase or a version of the phrase “live life more fully”.   I admit…I’ve used it too.  

 (I LOVE coaches….they are powerhouses of information, direction, education, and focus. We offer our own brand of coaching here to survivors who are ready to face the “what’s next” in their life.)


What does living a fuller life even mean?  We default to a broad brushed stroke when we have a “sense” of something, but aren’t sure either how to put it into words, or how to reduce it to the lowest common denominator. In this case, these life coaches know there is a need for providing the map to more meaning in our lives.  So….what does the promise of a fuller life mean?


I’m a practical woman,  in fact my favorite saying is, “Be a verb”.  Let’s look at my definition of a fuller life in practical terms.



You’ve been  over committed, busy, distracted, unwell, depressed, disinterested, WHATEVER the reason and haven’t really cleaned your house in a week,  month.  

The mail has collected, dust bunnies have had babies under your bed, and the closet looks like a snow globe (shaken not stirred).  

Every so often, the image of your house pops into your mind, but the rest of the time, it lurks gently prodding the backside of your day whether you are catching up on email at the office, or having a night-cap with your pals.

 Finally, it just gets to be tooooo much and you dedicate an entire day off to cleaning…..the REAL clean with cleansing products, electrical tools and trash bags.  But here’s the beauty of it.  

That night you are so pumped on your awesomeness that you go out with friends for dinner and drinks, or some other fun adventure.  On the way home you have this mini  “Aha” moment.  💡   You realize that you weren’t running a low volume tape in your mental background about needing to tend to business at home.  

You had a great time and completely enjoyed your night, simply immersed in “BEING”…..     (you know….fully living?)     ….. knowing that your business had been properly taken care of.  There was nothing hanging over your head, nothing to distract you.  It was almost like you’d just had a mini vacation.



We may think we are hiding from ourselves by not taking care of the big things in life.  Sadly, there is nowhere to hide.  We are simply too smart for that.  Our onion- like beings with multi-layered senses are storing away our task list whether we even consciously review it or not.


I made a short introductory video for my website that refers to how great it felt to create a budget for the first time.  Remember that?  Freedom….even if you didn’t like the budget….even if there wasn’t enough left over for enough fun….it was liberating to know exactly where you stood financially and what your limits were.

Think of a database for a moment.  Databases allow businesses to quickly and easily gather, input, sort and examine data and have access to accurate information.  A database is only as good as what has manually been entered into it at its outset. Doesn’t your family deserve the small amount of time it will take to create a robust data base of your information and wishes?

As we enter adulthood, our mindsets begin to shift and mature, but after having children we shift even more toward the “what ifs”.  Then somewhere along the way we journey through some earth shattering losses.  Perhaps a parent, or a good friend dies too young and it shakes us to our core. For awhile we are painfully aware of the transitory nature of life.  Being the powerful beings that we are, we manage to shift back into denial and push the fact that we aren’t prepared for that same eventuality way back in our minds.

Like the dirty house, it is there, running a tape quietly in the far recesses of our being.  While that tape is playing, while we are being prodded, we simply CANNOT fully engage in the beauty of our days.  We CANNOT fully appreciate playing with our children, because whether or not we are consciously aware of it, our minds are quietly asking the question, “What if you had a serious car accident tomorrow?”  Who would know if you want your life prolonged? Who would know you didn’t want a feeding tube?  Who would know you want your brother to raise your kids?  Who would know you want money set aside for your daughter to go to college?  Who would know you wanted to be buried on your family land back in Tennessee?”    You haven’t entered enough information in your database to produce an answer.

Like a budget, creating an end of life document requires only a limited amount of planning time to achieve a lifetime worth of result.

 Contact me today to get started on creating your end of life document.  In just a few sessions, you’ll come away with a hard copy of all your wishes to be kept for the day they are needed.

 Before the crisis is the time to prepare.

UPDATE: We have partnered with SafeBeyond to offer you the opportunity to also upload your booklet to a secure site.  With our link, we can upgrade your free account with SafeBeyond to 3 gigabytes of storage, upgrading from the 1 gigabyte offered with their free website membership.  Now you can have a hard copy and digital copy as well that can be shared with anyone of your choosing at the time of death.

 This offer is only available after signing on as a Visionary Passage consulting client with a unique code used when you become a member of SafeBeyond.




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