When my focus shifted from serving as a death doula to working with intuitive art in my studio and as a modality in coaching geared to women starting a new chapter in their lives, I got a lot of questions from friends and colleagues about some of the terms I use. 


I don't think anyone else uses the term wall altar, but it feels like the perfect fit for some of the three-dimensional pieces I have been creating.  When we work with vision boards, in yoga practice, or in meditation, frequently we set an intention for ourselves.  Some people set an intention for their entire year, or choose a word of intention to focus on for the year. 


Spiritual rituals centered around the phases of the moon also begin with setting an intention at the new moon to carry through to the next new moon.  As you can see, much of setting ourselves up to match with a higher vibration starts with the setting of intentions.


As I began to plan out a series of fluid acrylic paintings for the chakra system, I realized that the components that I use to set the intention for each chakra could also be applied to creating wall altars around a specific intention. 


For example in the photo above, Kami Posa was created with the intentions of love and abundance.  In this meditative piece of art, I used rose quartz and clear quartz gem dust as a painting element.  Pieces of nature such as shells and twigs represent the ever-regenerating elements of our earth.  The addition of gems into the painting itself represent the qualities of love in rose quartz and clear quartz, abundance is represented by citrine and amethyst. 


My personal process of intention setting begins as I enter the studio every day.  I clear the space with palo santo and white sage.  Pausing for a few moments, I clear my mind and intentionally center into what I will be creating, and who I am creating for when it is a commission piece.  Each and every component goes through a ritual each day.  All my tools, paints and added elements are blessed, cleared and set with the desired intention.  As a piece unfolds, I can feel the energy of the artwork build.  It's a beautiful process to be a part of, and the results are powerful.


My intuitive painting process is quite similar.  I utilize other mediums such as fluid acrylics and resin to create works of art that take on a life of their own as I allow what is meant to be, unfold.  It's been an interesting departure from my Type A personality, used to utilizing check-lists and flow charts to plan events for large corporations or manage Inns (just two of my former jobs that required intricate planning.)  Now I understand why there was always a certain friction present in work that was linear in nature.  Who knew I was a free-flowing artist all along?


One of my testimonials speaks to how transformative the energy of my artwork can be.  




Here is what I think of, my emotions, what I see, smell and feel when I look at this amazing piece of art you have created. I’m ❤️ so in love! Thank you for your creation!!

Shine and shimmer.
Warmth and beauty.
Sea glass, sparks childhood memories.
Seashells are footprints from Mermaids.
Glitter and Aqua, glistening phosphorescence.
I smell salty air and feel the sun on my skin, fire to my soul.
Deep Blue Love from a Sea Mother.



Custom-designed wall altars can be based on a specific intention for an office space (such as creativity,) or perhaps a general intention such as aligning with your higher self for a wall near your meditation cushion. 


If you are ready to set up a free 15-minute consultation to discuss the details, please let me know and I will get your call scheduled.  I look forward to creating with you! leslie@thevisionarypassage.com



For more information on spirit-based creativity coaching: Learn More Here

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