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Before my first session with Leslie, I was angry, confused and frightened.  After just one session together, I came away from our conversation with action steps, clarity and calmness.  Thank you  for changing my trajectory, Leslie!  ~~Sherrie, a caregiver


I want you to know is a book each of us should not only read, but work through. She clearly understands the profound impact the dying process, death, and subsequent grief have on our lives. This book will guide you through everything you need to consider in preparation for your own death or death of a loved one! She helps break down the walls of silence around death and dying and offers support for everyone! As she says in her book. 100% of us will die! That makes this book relevant for all of us.  ~~An Amazon Reader

Thank you so much for being so patient and working with us to make my Mom’s celebration exactly how we pictured. You really took the time to gather the details and you got to know my Mother without ever having met her. So many people have expressed how much they loved the celebration and many said how they felt as though my Mom was there. I wouldn’t be surprised if my Aunt wasn’t the only one who thought you had known my Mother for quite some time.  ~~Heather, a Celebrant Client






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