End of Life Consultation

Adding more life to your moments through conscious end-of-life planning


Did you know that 100% of us are going to die?  It’s true!  In addition, 90% of us will know at least for a short time, that we are going to die.  Only 10%  of us will have no warning.  Why then do we not use that to our advantage and plan well in advance for our eventual deaths?

I propose a revolution!  I am setting out to change how we view the death process and how we prepare for it.


Those of us in the baby boomer generation are born revolutionaries.  The shadow side of our generation is our huge credit card debt, our self-indulgences,  our excesses, and all of this is true.  But, our light side far outweighs that shadow.  We are the generation that reclaimed the birth process.  We had our babies at home, or in birthing centers with birth midwives and used natural birthing techniques.  We started teaching our children at home when we couldn’t bear what was happening in the  public school system  We left organized religion in droves to seek out our own personal spiritual path.  We hired officiants and Celebrants to provide ceremonies like weddings, baby namings,  anniversaries, retirements, divorces, and funerals.  Now we begin to age into retirement and beyond and face our final chapters.  Why would we stop now?  Why would we not continue teaching our children; now teaching them how to have a good death?


End-of-life planning is the final gift of love to our dear ones.  By removing the monumental burden of making our medical decisions, our end-of-life decisions, and our final disposition decisions, we are allowing them to focus on other things.  Why should we tax them with making these decisions for us?   When they know what we want, they are free to attend to our emotional and personal needs. When they know what we want, we allow them to ride the river of grief and support one another.


I worked with a woman who experienced the sudden death of her husband.   In her words, he left her with a complete mess financially. She was so angry to have the opportunity to grieve ripped out from under her that she eventually had to seek grief counseling.  She told me that his lack of planning resulted in “cruel and unusual punishment” to her.


I know I wouldn’t want that to my legacy!  I want my final gift and legacy for my family to be an example of good planning and a  good death.


My best-selling book, “I want you to Know” enables the process of planning for serious illness or injury and end-of-life concerns to be much easier.  Within its pages, you will find everything you ever needed to know about thoroughly preparing your documents and information.  You’ll be taken through the entire process both pragmatically and personally, and given the opportunity to express your thoughts and wishes.  http://amzn.to/2g0ygez