Death Vigils

Compassionate Spirit centered end of life care


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There are so many terms to identify one who sits with someone who is actively passing.  You may hear death doula, death midwife, transition guide, death coach, project manager for the dying…it really can be confusing.

All these terms basically mean the same thing.  As someone who sits in vigil for the dying, my services encompass the following areas but are certainly not limited to just these support avenues.  I provide physical, spiritual, mental and emotional support for a person who is in or approaching their final days or hours.  Reading passages previously chosen or perhaps ones I feel led to share, applying essential oils, administering Reiki, playing uplifting musical selections, just holding a hand or listening to a final story.  These and many more options provide a loving safety net of care during the precious moments and hours as the soul prepares to cross over.


It is paramount to understand that I am not a clinician, nor do I make any claims to provide ANY clinical support.  I am present purely to support the client in other areas.  I am not a replacement for hospice, as many of the things I may offer are outside of what hospice may provide.

The truth is, no matter how clear you may feel in your wishes, things can change in those final days.  Music you may have chosen to have played, may not bring comfort.  Essential oils that you designated may be suddenly an irritant.  My role is to intuitively tap into what you are feeling even when you are not able to speak or relay spoken thought.

I often refer to myself as an open conduit.   Through holding sacred space for the one entering and journeying through the transitional spaces, I am able to bring comfort and care and perhaps most importantly allow the person to feel supported and not alone.  It is true that much of what I do is on another level and it may not appear to the outsider that there is much going on.  Much communication at this stage is done soul to soul and heart to heart.

Some, but not all of the things that can be utilized during an end of life vigil are carefully chosen music, readings, essential oils, Reiki, providing an opportunity to tell final stories, or make amends. 

Charges for end-of-life vigils are discussed during our complimentary introductory call.  Please email me for more information.





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