The Sacred Spirit Urn Collection

The urns are made with a silver mixture of tin and copper, melted then dripped, creating natural formations. The metal is then hand painted and oxidized, giving the once bright silver finish, a rustic, aged look. Attached to these beauties you will find sacred crystals, gemstones, shells and other energetically charged gifts from Mother Nature.

I have been so touched by the beautiful and yet practical creations of Irene Meiller that I became an affiliate of her website.

We mend our broken hearts in hundreds of ways; some small and some large.  The idea of utilizing a beautiful piece of wearable art to aid in the healing process touches me deeply.  I am very happy to be connected with Irene's works.  Please click on the beautiful necklace above to visit her gallery of wearable art.









NEW! Print edition now available. 

Green or "natural" burial is a way of disposing of a dead body without formaldehyde-based embalming or environmentally unfriendly concrete burial vaults, in a shroud or biodegradable casket. It also means using minimal heavy equipment for burial and landscaping in a cemetery where the gravesite is part of a reclaimed or existing forest or meadow that is maintained with minimum intervention and supported as open green space. Graves are marked with an engraved fieldstone or no marking at all.

But how do you find it?

This full-color 303-page publication presents over 125 cemeteries that practice green burial across the US organized to make it easy to find the closest to you. Together they make a compelling argument for green burial and offer options for those asking the hard question: What kind of burial do I want for myself and my loved ones? While Green Burial Naturally does not endorse one cemetery over another, this one-of-a-kind resource will guide you in making your own informed decisions.

Find out more about the book here:

The Natural Burial Cemetery Guide is available as a complete guidebook in print or digital, or in four regions, Northeast, South, Midwest and West.





The Visionary Passage is proud to be affiliated with a website dedicated to the ongoing support of those providing care to others.  Denise Brown shares her knowledge and experience through webinars, forums, and chats.  Many of her support options are free to utilize.  Denise also offers a course to become Certified as a Caregiving Consultant.  For 20% off this course and any other products in the Store, Use my personalized code at checkout: LESLIE.  You can connect with me in the main chatroom each Thursday night at 7 PM EST when we talk about the challenges specific to maintaining a career while caregiving.  On the FB page, I host a live chat on the third Thursday of each month at 4 PM EST.  I look forward to seeing you there!  Be sure to visit Denise's store where you will find many supportive tools for the caregiver.  Remember to use my personalized code: LESLIE at checkout to receive 20% off everything in the store.



The Visionary Passage is proud to be a member of the National Home Funeral Alliance which supports education and training for those that desire family led home death care as an option after death. The NHFA empowers families to care for their own dead by providing educational opportunities and connections to resources that promote environmentally sound and culturally nurturing death practices. This is the place to find information about home funerals, including directories for where to find home funeral guides, home funeral education programs, home-funeral-friendly funeral directors, celebrants and clergy, and groups who will help families when needed.


Join The Visionary Passage Kiva Team and lend your support as a team effort to help those around the world as they try to better their lives.  Not familiar with Kiva?  Read On!

Kiva is an international nonprofit, founded in 2005 and based in San Francisco, that celebrates and supports people looking to create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

By lending as little as $25 on Kiva, anyone can help a borrower start or grow a business, go to school or realize their potential. And since it’s a loan, not a donation, you can recycle the same funds over and over to multiply your impact.

Through Kiva, each of us has the power to create opportunity and help others work towards their dreams— whether it’s a loan to a farmer in rural Kenya or a rooftop farmer in Detroit.

How Kiva works:

1.  Choose a borrow.  Browse categories of borrowers - people looking to grow businesses, go to school, switch to clean energy and more.

2.  Make a loan.  Help fund a loan with as little as $25.

3.  Get repaid.  Kiva borrowers have a 97% repayment rate.

4.  Repeat!  Recycle your funds to support another borrower or withdraw them.

To make a loan as a Visionary Passage Team Member:
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Thank you for making a difference in the world with us.