Leslie Cottrell Simonds Contemporary Art

In the summer of 2016 I was bitten by a horsefly while visiting the coast of Maine.  Although I became quite ill just after the bite, I was more focused on an ongoing medical situation with my Mother who lives with us.  It wasn’t until the fall that she was feeling healthy again, and I could barely function, that I received medical attention and was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and Babesia.  With Lyme markers “off the charts” my life was about to change dramatically.  In December of that year, I sustained a complication of Lyme Disease; Bells Palsy.  As of the fall of 2017, I am about 70% recovered from the Bells Palsy.


Art became an integral part of my journey back to health.  Through the act of simply getting out of my head, I soon saw a resurgence of energy and positivity that I had not attained through all my other healing modalties (and I have utilized MANY healing modalities all of which have been helpful.)

I fell in love with the combination of science paired with total abandonment of control over outcome that can be found in the fluid arts.  My mediums are primarily acrylics and resins and I seem to be drawn to larger canvases and boards.

I’ve been thrilled to be hired to create commission work and am always happy to work with a client’s size and color wishes.  Please visit my personal website for more information.  Thank you!

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