One of the fun things about being a solo-preneur is being able to set your own course.

I wanted to find a way to create a difference in the world as a business, but also to be able to bring in people who  are fans of the work of The Visionary Passage to join together for the greater good.

Kiva is an international organization founded in 2005 that makes small loans (as low as $25) to support men and women around the globe that are trying to make a difference. Loans assist people start a business, go to school or realize their personal potential. Since you are loaning, not donating, you can just keep recycling those funds over and over, continuing to multiply your impact in the world. 

I started a team for The Visionary Passage  at Kiva because it is based virtually, just like my business.  That means wherever you are in this world, you can join The Visionary Passage Team, make a loan and designate our team to make it under.  We can join together to make a greater impact with our combined loans.  You can choose who you support.  There are so many opportunities to help people.  If you are a chef, you may want to help men and women starting food based businesses around the world, for example.  I love the diversity of choices for loans.

Spend some time looking through the website and if it feels like a good fit for you, perhaps you’ll join our team and start making loans today.  I can’t wait to watch our team grow together!

And…..Thank you!


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