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What started out as a form to use for clients, eventually became  a book called "I Want You to Know."  Originally, my goal was to find a document that would help clients gather important information and share their wishes on serious illness, end-of-life plans, and final disposition.

After a good amount of time researching forms, I realized that what I was looking for didn't exist.  That set me in motion to do what any self-respecting Type A, Aries woman would do, I created my own!

An interesting thing happened once that form was completed.  I realized that it was only the beginning.  Just knowing that we should do something, doesn't mean we will take the time to do it.  Just having access to a form, doesn't mean we will fill it out.  I knew that I needed to find an avenue to bridge the space between having head knowledge to embracing our heart's motivation to be spurred into action.   The action I refer to is, of course, intentionally documenting what we want for our final years, months, weeks and moments.

Finding and hearing the personal stories of people who were directly affected by either planning on the part of their family members, or the lack of plans was truly life changing for me.

Somewhere along this path, this book became my desire for a revolution.  I want us to revolutionize how we view death, how we plan for death and how we approach death.  It is my belief that this book is the catalyst for this revolution! 

As a generation, we have rewritten every life stage to this point.  We began this change as we started having babies as we held up our hands to being drugged through the birth process.  We re-learned how to successfully give birth naturally, we breastfed our babies, we left churches that didn't fulfill us, we taught our children at home when possible, we hired Celebrants for weddings, funerals, baby-namings and divorce ceremonies, and now as we approach the final quarter of our lives, why should we not re-write how the last few generations have approached death?  We've taught our children throughout all of our lives.  Why would we stop short of teaching them how to approach death with intention and grace?

On September 1, at 12 Noon EST my book will be available for digital download, (free for 24 hours!).  I've been approached already by those that would like to use the book for training, and for suggest reading to groups that are studying end-of-life planning.  My response?  "Yes!  And so the revolution begins!






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