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This is intimate work.




You may have found your way here looking for information, solutions or support on caregiving, or just how to talk to your loved one about support for their health, or perhaps approaching death. 


You may have a loved one that you suspect is going to need more hands on care.


You may be caring for a loved one and juggling a career. You fear you are losing yourself in the process.


You or a loved one may have just been given a life altering diagnosis and don’t know what to do first.


You may desire to stop looking for a cure and start looking at being comfortable, in your own home with those you love as you approach your final days, but don’t know how to make that happen.


You may be looking for someone to provide a Spiritual but non-religious ceremony.


You may have experienced the death of your loved one and have started down the grief path. You know that life will never be the same, so you seek support to enter the next chapter of your life, a chapter of meaning and purpose.



♦  I believe in the personal empowerment of knowledge. A great deal of what I offer is education and practical solution based strategic consulting. You have all the answers already inside you; my main role is to support and allow you the safety and security of informed decision-making. I am not a clinician, I am not a medically trained practitioner, and I am not a legal representative. None of my services are meant to be construed as a substitution for advice from any of those arenas. Working with me is a collaboration and as such, enhances and prompts healing, at what ever stage of your journey. ♦


Many times our work can be done over the phone or by Skype. I provide person to person services in the Greater Boston/North Shore Massachusetts region and less often in Boulder, Colorado.

I offer group coaching packages, one on one coaching/consultation services and a weekly group coaching call for caregivers.


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