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of being an intentional caregiver


Unlock the gifts already inside you

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Are you ready to access your full potential as an intentional caregiver?

Within each of us is all the answers we need to serve a loved one with grace and ease.  We simply need to learn how to access those answers.

When we are able to shift from reacting our way through caregiving into consciously becoming the maestro of our journey, we move into a new way of being with ourselves, our families and the one we are caring for.

Find your calm in the storm.



Before my first session with Leslie, I was overwhelmed, angry and frustrated.  In our meeting, Leslie asked me a few questions which led her to understand what my three most pressing issues were. With a combination of practical tips and emotional support, she was able to help me feel more calm, more powerful and more confident.  And that was just the first session!



From a Celebrant Client:

Thank you so much for being so patient and working with us to make my Mom’s celebration exactly how we pictured. You really took the time to gather the details and you got to know my Mother without ever having met her. So many people have expressed how much they loved the celebration and many said how they felt as though my Mom was there. I wouldn’t be surprised if my Aunt wasn’t the only one who thought you had known my Mother for quite some time.