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Intuitive Art Purchases FAQ


If I order a commission piece from you and change my mind, can I get my deposit back?

Great question!  Once a deposit is received for a commission piece of intuitive art, I immediately begin my spiritual prep work behind the scenes, as well as getting components purchased, cleared, blessed and infused with Reiki energy.  A great deal of time is spent on your project before the artwork even begins.  Once an order is placed, and the deposit is received, it is non-refundable.


How will I know how big my artwork will be?

We will talk about your desired dimensions during our strategy session.  Each piece is completely crafted based on the dimensions that will work best for your space.


Can I have any input on the colors used in my intuitive artwork?

Of course!  Part of our strategy session will be spent on general color scheme questions.  Some artwork, especially those pieces that are for chakra work, will be based on the color of the specific chakra.  Most artwork can be planned around a general color scheme.


What do you mean when you say you will "bless" my commissioned artwork?

Although my artwork is fluid and abstract, everything about it is created with intention.  Each day I begin my studio time the same way; lighting sage, incense, candles, uplifting music, and prayer.  I seek blessings on every movement and decision, and that the art I create will be not only a positive visual experience but a spiritual journey to the one who looks upon it.  Each component is cleared with sound, intention, and Reiki energy.  When a specific intention is requested by a client, every component is infused with all the above and with the specific intention.  I believe this is why I frequently hear that people feel "changed" when they are with my pieces of art.


How will my artwork be shipped?

Each finished piece is lovingly prepared for shipment and then either packed by me or UPS (depending on the size).  UPS will be the default shipping company unless otherwise noted.



Creativity Doula (Coaching) FAQ


Do I pay all at once?

Yes.  You will purchase 4 sessions (with one group Q&A call as a bonus.)  Many clients want to extend for another month or two after our first intensive month of coaching.  Follow up coaching is purchased in blocks of 4 and will be scheduled bi-weekly.


How do I schedule my sessions?

Once your payment has been processed, you'll be sent a link to schedule your sessions.  We recommend scheduling all four weeks at once.  Timeslots fill quickly, so it's easier for you to just get all your appointments on the books at once.  You'll receive email reminders of your sessions.


What if I need to cancel/change a coaching call?

Calls can be rescheduled up to 24 hours in advance.  Any changes within 24 hours sadly result in a forfeiture of that time slot and will not be rescheduled.


What does a session look like?

Just like my art, my creativity doula services are designed with you in mind.  In one of our sessions, you'll experience a little energy medicine, perhaps a bit of folklore, some spiritual theory, intuitive guidance and lots of questions to get your creative juices flowing.


Will there be homework?

Hmmmm....I prefer to call it "funwork."


I'm not an artist, why do I need "Creativity Doula" services?

Sure, I see some professional artists / creatives in my coaching, but my sweet spot is the person that is experiencing blocks in their life and doesn't understand what they are or where they are coming from.  Perhaps you are launching a new business, or growing your business; you may just feel a bit dead-ended in your job and want to bring some joy back into your daily experience.  Perhaps you've experienced a loss through death, divorce or some other life-changing circumstance. Tapping into your innate creativity can bust open blocks, and can give you a new view of your world.  It may just change your life.  Why?  You will learn how to have a two-way conversation with your higher self.  You can access the information that is beyond what your mind can give you.  Your mind can only process what it already knows from pervious learning and experiences.  Your higher self knows all that has been, what is, and what will be.  And by the way, NO artistic training or "talent" is required to become an intuitive artist.


What if my beliefs don't line up with you spiritually?

I was raised in a VERY conservative Christian household, and I know more than a little about other denominations and their teachings.  What we cover in our time together are UNIVERSAL TRUTHS.  I believe no matter what your religious background, the spiritual nature of my work will resonate with you.  Accessing your higher self is not saying that God does or does not exist.  You will be learning how to tap into the power within you and within your spiritual realm.  I don't practice dark arts; I believe that within each of us are our own answers and that relying on the knowledge of our higher selves (which is at a point between our minds and Source/God/Universe) we can escape the manipulation of our ego mind.  I truly believe this is a beautiful complement to your existing belief system, but....my work may not be for everyone; it is for you to decide.


What are some of the benefits of working with you that aren't listed ony our services page?

As we become accustomed to "getting out of our heads," some interesting shifts begin to naturally happen.  Of course, each person is unique in their experience, but you may find yourself becoming less reactive as you feel less powerless as you gain a greater sense of responsibility for your own words, thoughts, and actions.  You may find yourself embracing a greater sense of reverence; for nature and other humans' experiences.  A great sense of self-confidence may come from confronting your fears and knowing yourself on a deeper level.  I suspect you will become much more present and able to be in the moment.


What if we aren't a good fit?

It happens, and I understand!  After our first coaching session, if you decide this work is not a good fit for you, the remaining balance (3 sessions) will be refunded to the account used to purchase my doula services.