Our lives are full of moments.  Moments to be treasured, moments to be celebrated, moments to be honored.

The cycles of life can be mundane or they can be uplifted through celebration and ritual.

It is my belief that taking the time to create ritual and signify the importance of life's events builds a rich life and creates a life legacy that can inspire across generations.

My study with the Celebrant Institute provided a rich training ground resulting in a firm foundation of education of all that Celebrant services can provide across all the cycles of life.
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Most people think of my services as a Celebrant in the area of Funerals and Memorials, but whether you are seeking a deeper way to celebrate a bridal shower,  create a meaningful ritual for a baby naming,  desiring a way to signify the importance of a job termination or even a divorce, celebrate the life of a dear pet, or create family led death care, the role of a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant allows all these moments to be woven into a rich tapestry of celebration.

Becoming a Celebrant was a natural extension of my end of life consultation work.  Slowing down, marking the passages of life, both small and large are significant to the fabric that makes up our lives.  We create a rich legacy for our children and grandchildren as they watch us take the time to say, "Yes, this is important" instead of rushing from one goal to another, or one life event to another.

Thank you so much for being so patient and working with us to make my Mom’s celebration exactly how we pictured. You really took the time to gather the details and you got to know my Mother without ever having met her. So many people have expressed how much they loved the celebration and many said how they felt as though my Mom was there. I wouldn’t be surprised if my Aunt wasn’t the only one who thought you had known my Mother for quite some time.


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