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After a diagnosis of Lyme Disease and Babesia, everything in my life began to change.  I had a self-delusion going on through the first phase of my Lyme recovery.  I was a little like a "Sunday Christian" that goes to church and mouths all the right things, but then lives the life of someone entirely different during the week.  

I told myself that the healthy changes I was bringing into my life were becoming integrated into my entire being.  I had assembled a stellar group of doctors, healers, and practitioners while making extreme changes to my diet.  Still, there was a significant component that was missing in order to heal.  I was still NOT living in resonance with my higher self.  In December of 2016, I experienced Bell's Palsy as a complication of my Lyme Disease. I believe the Bell's Palsy was a direct message to get my attention where even the Lyme Disease had not. 

Even then I was still being headstrong, not listening to the messages right in front of me. The stress of my work situation became so extreme that I had such a strong physical warning, I realized sudden death was a possibility.  In that moment, I had a vision of my daughter with a newborn baby in her arms.  As she held her baby out to me, I was not there to hold my beautiful grandchild.  Finally, it dawned on me that throughout my entire life I had served everyone but myself.  I had honored everyone but me and the result of that could easily become missing out on being here on this earth and all the sweet and bittersweet moments left to savor.  

In an instant, clarity came.

During this time I was also working on my second book.  While writing, I kept seeing the words, "make art" swim across my mind.  As a child, I considered myself highly creative (95% of all five-year-olds do) and like most of us, I began to lose that creative connection in my middle school years.  I had dreams of art school, but after attending a boarding high school with no art program, I never felt I'd be admitted to a college level art program, so that dream was allowed to slip off the page. 

I gathered some art supplies and spent an afternoon creating fluid acrylic paintings.  The energy that began coursing through my body was electrifying.  I hadn't experienced those feelings since I was a child.  When we are little, we don't think about how we feel, we just instinctively do things that make us happy.  Why do we ever un-learn that behavior? 

I began to share my paintings online because I was so delighted I wanted my friends to see them, and almost immediately I had requests to purchase my work.  Soon after, I received my first commission orders.  I was experiencing the purest form of the Law of Attraction. I was organically following my highest excitement and what sprouted from that simple principle was resulting in a new stream of income.

There was clearly a direct connection between what was happening while I was in the state of my highest excitement and positive results that immediately appeared across EVERY area of my life; compelling me to chase that idea more.  I understand now that each of us has a creative genius that is ours alone.  Inside that seed of genius lies our greatest gift to ourselves, and therefore our most significant gifts to the world. 

As I set off on a path of self-discovery I discovered the amazing Rachel Archelaus and began to study intuitive art coaching with her as a modality to help others access their higher selves for direction and support. After a successful career in the hospitality and events businesses, I love being able to tap into the diverse experiences I've had personally, professionally, and spiritually to be a creativity doula to women who are no longer content to be a version of what they think others expect them to be.

We've entered a new age in our world. We need to step into our innate power.  To do this, we simply need to learn how to communicate with our higher selves to first know who we are at soul level, and then use that knowledge to create our own best human experience.  I know it sounds simple; it is.  If you are reading this and saying, "Oh, this isn't for me, I'm not a creative, I'm just a CPA...STOP!  Every one of us is a creative.    Through the use of intuitive art (NO artistic ability needed!) you too can learn to open up a two-way conversation with your higher self. Bypass the mind, bypass the ego and talk with your higher self. 

Buckle up, this is going to be a fun ride.



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