To celebrate the fact that I have completed my certification with and am now a Certified Caregiving Consultant, I decided to host a giveaway.


My desire to add more services to my clients led me to  I knew immediately that this course was a great fit for me.  Along the way I discovered not only a great connection with other students and members of the site, but an incredible respect for the owner and founder of the site, Denise Brown.

Denise is one of the most generous online business owners I have ever connected with.  Spend more than just a few moments on the website and you well see how much free content there is at your disposal.  Her passion for providing resources, support and education to those caring for others is completely infectious.  In addition, Denise also consistently supports and helps promotes other business owners as they offer services to those that serve others or have served others through caregiving.

It seemed the perfect way to celebrate would be to host a giveaway of Denise’s book, “The Caregiving Years, Six Stages to a Meaningful Journey.”  Celebrate with me by entering for a chance to win!

Enter Below:


Many thanks to Denise Brown from  for reference materials used in this post.


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