It’s a “Bookiversay!”

It’s a “Bookiversay!”

Just one year ago today, "I Want You to Know" was launched.

Many of you may not be aware that at the time my book was published, I was actually quite ill.  Early last summer, I became infected with Lyme Disease and Co-infections of Lyme from a horsefly bite while we were on a trip in Maine.  My Mother was experiencing frequent stroke-like events that were requiring numerous trips to the hospital and were unnerving to say the least.  Thank goodness I have a background as an EMT and can stay calm in emergencies.  Her health challenges took center stage, and I pushed through my illness until last fall when I could barely function.  (Fortunately Mother's answer was a change in medications.) Then came my diagnosis and by that time it was not at all a surprise.  Just about the time we thought I may be starting to improve, I experienced a complication of Lyme Disease; Bell's Palsy.  I am still only recovered at about 70% from that.  It's been a dramatic year and one that has been full of incredible personal and spiritual growth.  I am so grateful for this experience in every way.  I wouldn't take it back for anything.

With the launch of my book in digital format and later in paperback, I was thrilled when it reached a #1 International Best Seller status.  However, I was never content with how the book read in digital format.  The company I partnered with to publish the book apparently had challenges formatting it due to all the lines, as much of it is in a workbook style. Recently I decided to take matters into my own hands and reformat the book and then do a second edition.  There is little change in content, but there are many changes in how the book looks on a computer screen and tablet.  It's much cleaner and easier to read.  The only significant content change is that I no longer endorse using 5 Wishes as a legal document.  I've heard too many stories of 5 wishes not being upheld even in states where it is recognized as a legal document.

The other goal of updating the book was to get the price lowered.  It has always been my intention to get this information into as many hands a possible.  This is a powerful tool and is meant to be put into action.  I love the idea of everyone having access to this book and putting it to work.  For that reason, I have lowered the Kindle price to only $2.99.  Please feel free to share this information with friends and family so they can begin creating their own legacy of love.

I do plan to have the book made into a refillable pdf booklet so the entire project can be filled out and saved to your hard drive or the cloud.  Stay tuned for an announcement for that version.

Finally, I want to thank each of you for the amazing support you've shown me and this project in the last year.  If you have read the book, please consider taking a moment to leave a review on Amazon.  That always helps in the rankings, and helps to keep the word spreading of this work.

Thank you all!

Make today signficant and be true to you,

~~Leslie Cottrell Simonds

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